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Lakeland may be a bit of a no-go when it comes to art and gourmet cuisine, but the walkable downtown area is full of surprises. More than 20 food trucks will be stationed in Munn Park for a community food truck meeting - on Saturday, July 22, from 12 noon to 5 pm.

More than 50 vendors will participate and offer a wide selection of food and beverages, as well as live music, art, crafts and more.

If you fancy an adult drink, don't miss the homemade sangria in preserving jars, and the chocolate malt milkshake is the perfect complement. The child-friendly event begins at 6pm, with fireworks opening the parade. Don't forget to have dinner, hot chocolate and black brew after the processions, as well as a drink or two during the celebrations. Most of the shops and restaurants in the city center will be open late for this part of the celebration. This market takes place in August when the market is closed, but it is still open in September and October.

Palace Pizza is popular with locals looking for a pizza with a slice or a whole cake, but if you're in town on the first Friday and only need an afternoon break, this is a great option.

Besides the beer menu, there is also a variety of cider and wine to eat. Carlisle's Event and Carlissa's Auctions also offer free car slots. If you're wondering what kind of collector cars are available, check out the categories below.

If you prefer to explore new places by bike, Lakeland offers a bike-sharing program, where you can rent bikes for as little as $3 an hour for up to 3 hours. Pack a picnic, go for a walk or drive around the lake, take a look at the nearby activities in Lakeland Florida. Check out the calendar of events as you pass by to admire the historic architecture or take a walk and ride along the lakes.

Bikes are available at 7 downtown locations, including Lakeland City Hall, the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History. You can also visit a variety of music acts that play Christmas carols, such as Christmas in the Park, Christmas carols and more. For some old-fashioned fun, head to one of the few remaining car rides - to the city's movie theaters or to a local bar or restaurant.

Take a seat at the bar and enjoy a mix of modern and antique décor or retire to the outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Mirror. Here you will find seating for a pleasant atmosphere and take a seat at one of the many tables and chairs outside.

The Belly Buster (grilled cheese) consists of four cheeses, on which maple syrup is drizzled. Taste one of the typical cocktails with your favorite dish, such as the Blue Moon or the pecan cake, or try a typical cocktail such as the Black Label, Blue Ribbon and the old-fashioned one.

Although there are no indoor elements associated with the auction, the property has a large outdoor area with a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults alike. There is an animal park, which is painted on the trees, and art is brought into the construction process. If you are in an aircraft hangar, there is also an opportunity to build and an art exhibition inside.

In fact, there are four very fun and bright activities, but I think you need to know that you are looking for something different from the usual Friday night events. There are a lot of places to visit and activities to do, and if you serve dinner and drinks, the first Friday in the Lakeland is unbeatable.

The Makers Market on North Kentucky Avenue will be a great place to buy some - a - kind of Christmas treasures at this event. This fun event will bring a little merriment to your heart and make it easy to tick off all the gifts on your list. The 39th Annual Snowfest spreads some holiday spirit in Munn Park, and it's free! All those who come will be offered a variety of food and drinks as well as a special Christmas tree lighting.

Those who do not sell at the auction will receive a refund of the majority of their registration fees to the recipient. If the featured shipment does not sell, only $400.00 in shipped fees will be refunded, with a maximum of $1,000,000 in repayable fees.

If accepted, all charges will be refunded, with a maximum of $1,000.00 in refundable fees, and no fees will be accepted for non-refundable shipments.

This policy is a win-win and allows enthusiasts to buy and sell with even more confidence. As each person's option differs slightly from the 2021 option, it is important to use the different bid and purchase options. We have selected 4 different tour options, from self-guided tours to the purchase of an accompanying map.

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