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Lakeland may not be Florida's number one destination, but it's famous for a few things: the lake and the swans. A short drive east of Orlando will take you to Lakeland, a small town of about 1.5 million people. Art is everywhere when you come to Orlando, with some of the closest Florida vacation destinations. Not many day trippers pass by on the way, only a handful of tourists and a few local artists.

It is the only American Alliance of Museums accredited art museum serving the 666,000 residents of Polk County and hosting over 10,000 objects from around the world. The Florida Air Museum at Sun Fun displays aircraft artifacts that tell the story of the first 100 years of flight. Interestingly, it is Florida Southern College in Lakeland that has the largest collection in the world of Wright architecture, with 13 buildings built between 1938 and 1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his work as an architect, but his architectural work has shaped the world of architecture. The largest collection of Wright's work is in Florida, where Florida Southern University commissioned him to design a new building for its Lakeland campus. Florida Southern College is named after one of its architects, Frank L. Wright Jr., and his wife, Mary Ann Wright.

Venetian swimming pool, today one of the largest and most popular swimming pools in the world and the largest accredited museum of its kind in the USA Located in Lakeland, Florida, just a few miles from Orlando International Airport, the resort features more than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by popular LEGO (r) brand characters. Visitors can enjoy various attractions such as an indoor water park, a children's playground and a playground. Nearby is Aquatica Orlando, which offers a wide range of water sports, water parks and other attractions.

If you and your family are interested in learning something new, join a guided tour of the John F. Wright Museum of Natural History. Or maybe you can take a look at the Henry B. Plant Museum, a place for small children to learn on the Tampa Riverwalk.

If you're looking for something outdoor in Lakeland, Florida, head to the Lower Green Swamp Preserve if you're a nature fan. If you look at the opportunities to do something unique inLakeland Florida and love a bit of ancient hunting, you will love this place.

If your itinerary matches the museums and attractions of Florida, you can add a bit of culture to your next vacation. Check your favorite locations for their current status and add them to the list of fun activities in the Orlando area, including Disney Parks. Here are some of our favorite places to explore in Lakeland, Florida and other parts of the state of Florida. Orlando theme parks, including Orlando attractions and tours, as well as some fun things to do in and around the theme parks and some other fun things to do in or near Orlando and the Florida area.

Do things in Florida and the United States : Do the best things to do in Lakeland, Florida and see some of the most popular attractions in the state of Florida as well as some other fun places in and around Florida. Get out and about in Orlando: See the best attractions around Orlando, Orlando theme parks and other parts of Orlando.

In addition to the major artistic activities in Lakeland, Florida, the Polk Museum of Art aims to bring the city and community together through exhibitions. Teach children from 12 years of age about their five senses by concentrating on the exhibits and stimulating them with your hands. The digitized record of the Florida Memory is by Rick Scott and Senator Bill Nelson and is represented by a collection of more than 1,000 photographs of the state's history and culture.

The Florida Museum of Natural History is located on the campus of the University of Florida and exhibits that deal with natural history, ecology, evolution and the natural world in Lakeland, Florida.

Just around the corner is the Polk Museum of Art, which is recognized as one of the top 10 galleries in the state. Named after Polk County, the county where Lakeland is located, the hotel is housed in an architecturally interesting building flanked by palm trees. The Florida Air Museum was founded in 1986 and is located on the campus of Florida State University, just a few blocks from the Florida Art Museum.

If you're interested in planes at all, visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center must be one of the best - well-worn - activities in Lakeland, Florida. If you are, this is probably the most essential thing you can do at the Florida Air Museum, if only because it's so much fun.

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